Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Like It Hot!

I arrived home from work today with pasta on my mind and discovered no jarred sauce in the pantry. Quickly surveying what was available I whipped up a quick marinara. The aroma was unbelievable and we could not wait to dig in. The first taste led me to rethink the ingredients (it was spicy and not just a little bit). I used two cans of petite diced tomatoes with green chiles. Now I've used these before and never had the HEAT issue I encountered tonight. So beware, those substitutions may yield something decidedly different than what you expect. We've decided spicy spaghetti is definitely something we'll try again, but I'll be in control of the spices!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - December 22

Monday - Chili (freezer meal from Angie, not yet consumed), salad, cornbread

Tuesday - My sweet baby sister's birthday and I always host her birthday dinner at her house: Spaghetti with homemade sauce, salad, garlic bread and her fave Sister's Sour Cream Coconut Cake for dessert.

Wednesday - I'll host friends after our church service and serve a smorgasbord of good eats! Cold cuts & cheeses with rolls, veggies and dip, glazed meatballs, roasted pecans, spinach dip with assorted crackers, cheese ball, Christmas cupcakes for the kiddos and Barb's Fabulous Red Velvet Cake for the grownups. Most of this can be made ahead and leaves me time to be with my friends!

Thursday - Family will arrive for this Christmas Brunch! Sausage pinwheels, Mrs. A's Brown Sugar Ham, baked cheese grits, sliced oranges & grapefruit, scrambled eggs, muffins, biscuits, jams & jellies, juice, milk and coffee.

Friday - Leftover day as I hit the after Christmas sales

Saturday - Traveling to Florida for my older sister's birthday celebration.

Sunday - Soup and sandwiches for lunch. A belated holiday meal with the Knights in the evening. I'll be taking this dessert.

Merry Christmas to all of you! This will be a busy week, so there may be no menu plan next week. If not, I wish you all the Happiest New Year ever! Many thanks to Laura for hosting MPM. Just go on over to OrgJunkie for more delicious menu plans.....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - December 15, 2008

We seem to have fewer obligations during the holidays this year, but that suits me. Here's what we are eating this week.

Monday - Crockpot Fajitas, Guacamole Salad, Spanish Rice (from a mix)

Tuesday - Bubble Pizza, Salad

Wednesday - FPSW - Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes, Green Peas, Salad & Dessert

Thursday - Spinach & Bacon Quiche from Cardine's Month of Bacon, Salad

Friday - Possibly our supper club group will meet, if not it will be Vegetable Beef Soup, Cornbread

Saturday - I'll be doing some baking for my co-workers' gifts. Christmas get-together with the Smiths this evening. I'll be taking this for dessert.

Sunday - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup

I appreciate you stopping by to check out my meals. Stop by OrgJunkie for lots more!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - December 8

I cannot believe we are smack dab in the middle of the Christmas season. Here's how our week looks:

Monday - pinto beans, steamed cabbage, cornbread

Tuesday - hamburgers, chips, baked beans (using leftover pinto beans)

Wednesday - Front Porch Sittin' Wednesday (beef stroganoff, green beans, salad & dessert)

Thursday - grilled chicken, rice, salad

Friday - chicken & dumplin's, green beans, corn muffins

Saturday - chili (freezer meal prepared by my friend, Angie), sour cream, cheese, chili crackers

As always, thanks for checking out my menus. Don't forget there are lots more meal plans at OrgJunkie!