Saturday, May 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - May 25, 2009

We adhered to last week's plan except for a few minor adjustments. The shrimp lo mein became marinara (sauce in the frig needed to be used) and soup became a simple salad. On Thursday we used up leftover beef from Monday. I can't wait for the fresh veggies from my garden! Until then, this is what we are eating:

Monday - grilled ribeyes, baked potatoes, salad, strawberry pie

Tuesday - lima beans (use recipe link but substitute dried limas for the pintos), steamed cabbage (thanks to a friend's bounty), cornbread

Wednesday - eat at church - beef strogannoff, green beans, salad

Thursday - wraps/sandwiches (ballgame at 6pm)

Friday - helping my sister move (ballgame at 8pm)

Saturday - moving day continues - crockpot lasagna, salad and bread

Sunday - grilled chicken salad

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out OrgJunkie for more great menu plans!

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